Valgor the Old


Chief of the Trisii, General of South-Wildland

Date of Birth


Date of Death

961 (aged 64)











Wildmen (South-Wildmen)

History of ValgorEdit

Early LifeEdit

Valgor was born in 897 as the son of Walgor and Frodia. He had a three years older sister Walna. His paternal grandfather was Wolfius, Chief of the Trisii. In 906 Wolfius died, he was a lieutenant in the army of Anglaria, of which South-Wildland was a duchy. He was killed defending King Ifar III, his friend. Walgor then became the new Chief of the Trisii. Orgast, Grand Duke of South-Wildland then took the position of Lord-Chief and ruled as souvereign of South-Wildland. In 910 Walna is engaged to Borgin, a descendant of Bink the Strong and the son of General Borfius. In 912 Orgast dies and he is succeeded by his 8-year-old son Orgarian. In 914 Walna and Borgin get married. In 915 their son Borgor is born. In 916 Valgor joins the army, he is immediately given the position of Captain due to his noble ancestry. In 917 he has a great victory over a group of goblins in the south near Darkdale and was made Lieutenant as a reward. During these years Valgor has an affair with Oparnia, who was said to be the most beautiful being of her time. In 918 she bore a son named Vapurnius, Valgor was said to be the father. In 919 Walgor dies, he was bitten by a snake. Valgor was then elected the new Chief of the Trisii.

Union of the AnglinEdit

In 920 Valgor is approached by Princess Orgonia of South-Wildland and Valgor's uncle Chief Friziod of the Frisii. Together the three form an alliance which should bring the son of Orgonia and Friziod, Frizian to the throne of South-Wildland. In 921 Valgor married Borfia, sister of Borgin, his brother-in-law. In 922 their son Valmor is born. In 925 Friziod dies, but in 926 he is replaced in the alliance by Taldor, his grandson, who marries Orgonia. Taldor was the son of Frizona, Friziod's daughter and Talgor, Valgor's cousin, making them closely related to one another. In 928 Valgor's daughter Valga is born, but she died only a year later. In 932 Frizian started his military career under Valgor in the south, where Valgor now was the General. In 933 Borfia dies by the birth of her daughter Valuna who died the next day.In 936 Valmor too joined the army in the south becoming a Captain alongside Frizian. In 942 Valmor married Frizia, the daughter of Orgonia and Friziod. In 943 their son Valzor is born. In 950 Valgor commands Borgin to lead an attack on Orgfian and his family and killed them. The only survivor was his daughter, Orgida, who was not present. General Orgizor then attacked that army and slew Borgin. Orgizor was slain early in the battle, but his son Orgfin took command of the army and led it to victory, killing Borgin in the progress.