Thoran, Marshal of Wildland


Marshal of Wildland

Date of Birth


Date of Death

1104 (Aged 57)










History of Thoran

Early Life

Thoran was born in 1047 in a cave in the longmountains as the son of exile-leader Arpéfor and his wife Armanda. In 1050 the rebels could return home due to the death of Emperor Firnar. Horgan, male-line grandson of Haran III Magnus was the crowned King of Wildland. In 1052 Thoran got a sister named Thorné. Later that year Horgan was killed by Vapurnius after having sent 25.000 men to their deaths. Vapurnius then became the new King of the Wildmen. Arpéfor rose to the position of Chancellor of North-Wildland until princess Harifia would have a son old enough to take that position from him. In 1060 Vapurnius was killed in battle during the Anglarian-Vapurnius war, by Marshal Harthan. Orgnor, son of Orgir, who was a previous Lord-Chief of South-Wildland succeeded him as King of Wildland. In 1070 Thoran got married to Tolva, daughter of Torfius II, Lord of the House of Tifior and Chief of the Frisii. In 1072 their son Thorfin was born and in 1075 their daughter Thora. In 1076 Thorné married King Orgnor, but she got sick. In 1083 she was finally with child but three months before the child's birth he died. He was succeeded by Haran X, who then became King Haran I of Wildland. The child was named Orgid.

Later Life

Under King Haran I Thoran was given a more important position, an officer in the wildmen army and in 1086 he became it's Marshal. He was also made Chancellor of North-Wildland in 1089, succeeding his 66 years old father. During this same year Thoran was made Minister of Foreign Affairs and Family Matters. In 1092 Arpéfor died at the extraordinary age of 69, which is incredibly old for a wildman. But just before his death Arpéfor told Thoran of Horgoth, the secret son of Horgan. Thoran then also became Chief of the Tizians. In 1093 Thorfin got married and in 1094 his son Thórn was born. Thora got married in 1099, she married Crownprince Glig of Anglaria. In 1101 their son Glistor is born.


In 1104 Thoran told Haran I of Horgoth, whom he brought with him and of the murder of Orgnor's children by the hands of Harifia. Haran didn't take it well and had Thoran executed for treason, because he didn't tell him immediately and for defying the king by trying to bring Horgoth to the throne. He was executed that same year.