Orgfor, General of South-Wildland


General of South-Wildland

Date of Birth


Date of Death

926 (aged 55)









History of OrgforEdit

Orgfor was born as the son of Lord-Chief Organs and the younger brother of Orgast. At the age of 24 he finally married to Tofajat, the daughter of a merchant. Orgast disapproved of the marriage and banished him from South-Wildland. In 898 their son Orgid was born. In 906 after the fall of the Ifars Orgast asked Orgfor to return to South-Wildland from the North. They made peace and Orgast made him general. Orgfor disliked his position and objected. But during his audiance with the Lord-Chief Orgast broke down in tears. He told Orgfor of his fear for the Ifars. He told him that the only way for his family to be safe is that Orgarian, Orgast's son with his second wife Argonia succeeds him. But he was very young so he appointed Orgfor Regent if he would die before Orgarian could succeed him. In 912 this happened and Orgfor then held all power in South-Wildland. In 918 Orgarin, who is just 14 years old takes all power back. He and Orgfor remained friends. In 922 Orgfor started an economic barrier. Any production that would go through him would be assured to be sold for a high price, but he would share in the profit. All other merchants were intimidated by Orgfor's army, who threatened them into joining him or stopping their business. In 926 they were discovered by Orgarian he was executed and his fortune was taken. His son Orgid fled to North-Wildland and was taken captive and enslaved.