The House of AnglarEdit

The House of Anglar is the royal house of Anglaria. After the death of High King Anglar it was stated that the heir of Anglar would rule in place of the High King. This meant only descendants of Anglar could claim the throne. However in 1147 the Royal Family was murdered and Aurelian I was crowned King. After this a Civil War followed, which ended in 1155 with the coronation of Gilzor as the last King of the Efirian Dynasty. The Civil War was renewed after Gilzor's granddaughter and successor divorced her husband Fharazor to marry Aurelinus, who had her executed five years later to become the sole ruler himself.


The dynasties in chronalogical order are:

Anglarian Dynasty'sEdit

Anglarian Dynasty 752-824 (75 years)

Ifarian Dynasty 824-906 (82 years)

Firian Dynasty 906-1017 (111 years)

Efirian Dynasty 1017-1147 (130 years) 1155-

Civil WarEdit

During the Civil War there were no dynasty's here follows a list of Kings.

Aurelian I


Aurelian II

Fhargid and Culdin (Co-Monarchs)


Gilzor (Efirian Dynasty)

Galga and Fharazor (Co-Monarchs)

Galga and Aurelinus

Aurelian DynastyEdit

The Kings Aurelian I, Aurelian II and Aurelinus are also considered part of this Dynasty.