Harifia, Princess of North-Wildland


Princess of North-Wildland, Princess of Wildland

Date of Birth


Date of Death

1088 (aged 47)




Haran X Northar Ifar





History of Harifia

Life as a princess

Harifia was born as the daughter of Haran IX and Arpelonia, of the House of Arminos. She lived in the royal palace at Ar-Mig. Her grandfather was Haran VIII, better known as King Haran IV, of North-Wildland. She was loved by the people, and since her mother didn't get any children anymore, she was also believed to become the future queen of North-Wildland. Until 1045 when Emperor Firnar attacked Wildland. The emperor intended to conquer wildland and destroy the ruling house of Ifar, and the powerful House of Arminos. He almost succeeded Harifia's parents were both killed, but she was saved by her uncle Arpefor. Also were saved Prince Horgan, son of Hofran and Northam, son of Northar, both cousins to Harifia's father Haran IX.

In exile

Arpefor then led them to caves to the east of Ar-Mig. There the last survivors of the royal family and other people of Ar-Mig. In 1050 Emperor Firnar was killed, Horgan then claimed the kingship and killed the Lord-Chief of Wildland, Orgfin who served as a regent for Anglaria. He was then crowned King of all Wildland. Arpefor now feared for Harifia's life, since she was the actual heir to the throne of North-Wildland, he figured that Horgan might want to kill her. But he didn't and two years later after sending almost 25.000 men to their death he was killed by Vapurnius.

Back in Wildland

Back in Wildland Harifia was restored as a princess by Vapurnius, but she was kept in Ar-Mig under the protection of Arpefor. In 1060 Vapurnius was defeated and Orgnor, son of Orgir became the new King of Wildland. During that same year Harifia married the three years younger Northon, male-line descendant of Ifar II and through him the male-line descendant of Anglar.

Under Orgnor

In 1062 Harifia's son Haran X Northar Ifar was born. She named him after the three men, who she believed to be his greatest ancestors, Haran III Magnus, Northar and Ifar II. In 1083 Orgnor died and his four sons and two of his daughters were murdered unkown to others by Harifia, the only surving child was Orgafa, who was married to crownprince Gildon of Anglaria. Her oldest son Glig the claimed kingship over Wildland, but the chiefs decided in favor of the Chancellor, Haran X. Haran then waited for Orgnor's twin sons to be born and then executed Orgnor's wife and Arpefor.


For the first five years of Haran's rule Harifia made every big desicion, but Haran got sick of this and executed her in 1088.