Halden, Duke of Norgan


Duke of Norgan, President of the Anglarian Senate

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History of HaldenEdit

Early LifeEdit

Halden was born as the son of Haran XI Horgan, of the House of Imir, and Princess Orpopnia, of the House of Orgnoz. He was the younger brother of Haran XII. When Halden was only four, his father died of illness. He was then adopted together with his older brother by his maternal uncle, King Orghon. In 1165 King Orghon dies. Orghon's Will suggests multiple heirs, including his sons Orghop and Orghorn, as well as his adoptive sons Haran XII and Halden himself. Also he thought of naming Horgiod, son of Horgion his heir. In the end he chose Haran XII.

Coronation and Death of Haran XIIEdit

The coronation of Haran didn't go as it should have. Only a few minutes after Haran XII was crowned King Haran II of Wildland, a battering ram broke down the temple doors and an army rushed in killing many spectators of the coronation. The Royal Guard led by Horgiod was the temple's only protection then and they failed to fight organised, since they were stationed on many different places. Most of Halden's family was murdered in front of him including his own brother and Horgiod, who was his father's cousin. After dodging many arrows and having killed a few enemy soldiers Halden and his grandmother Horaen flee the temple. Horaen, after finally having seen her descendant on the throne and losing it in just a few minutes committed suicide. Halden's mother was captured and later executed. Halden found a horse and fled the city together with three Royal Guards, Porthos, Marthos and Arfop and his friend Torius, son of General Torgarius, Chief of the Frisii.


Halden and his companions fled to Anglaria. There he met Senator Hopnor and he gave them shelter. Halden and Hopnor became good friends and Hopnor introduced Halden and Torius the Anglarian Senate who made them citizens of the Anglarian Empire. Halden became a Senator during the next election. The other Senator greatly disliked this. Hopnor had been elected President and his friends became also Halden's friends. Marthos also joint the Senate and Hopnor made Porthos and Arfop part of his personal guard. In 1170 Torius became very sick and died. In 1172 Halden get's a letter from Orghorn and Thorag. The letter said that they were still alive and searching for him. Halden invited them to visit him in Anglaria, which they did. In 1173 they arrived and together they persuaded the Senate to attack Wildland and kill Horgith.

War against Horgith and ThorapEdit

Halden was made a commander in the Anglarian Army. He and Orghorn were generals and Thorag was one of Hopnor's lieutenant. They fought in Kaz-Arkîk and Horgith was killed. Thorap then arrived and the Anglarian Army retreated. Thorap was still alive and crowned himself King of Wildland. In 1175 Thorap attacked Norgan, killing Thorag. Anglaria then attacked Kaz-Arkîk and Halden killed Thorap. Orghorn then became the new King of Wildland.