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History of FrododEdit

Early LifeEdit

Frodod was born as the son of Frogor, a baker, and Seryna, a claimed descendant of Chief Hufor. Frodod had an older brother Frodor who was born in 779 and an older sister named Froda who was born in 783. Frodod lived with his family in the city Ar-Amig in the small region of the Frisians. In 787 the Frisians heard of a powerful man named Kúndur had become the new Chief of the Migians. Kúndur was said to have vowed to control entire Wildland. The Frisians then chose a new Chief for themselves, Opor. Opor was supposed to keep the Migians friendly towards the Frisians. In 788 Opor sent some young boys to the Migian region to recieve military training and to joing the Migian army. Among them was Frodor. In 789 the Migians attacked multiple towns in the Frisian region to capture more boys and gain riches. Frogor and his friends Kaldar and Púrgod then left the city and formed a small gang of bandits who attacked Migian soldiers in Frisian lands. Later Servior, Frodod's grandfather joined them. The bandits fought in the battle for Ar-Amuar were Púrgod died. Servior fled and was killed by Migians soldiers. Kaldar then used the remainder of the army to try to avenge Púrgod, but he failed and he and his entire army were killed. Frogor and just a few others returned to Ar-Amig. By this time the bakery had been closed because nobody wanted to buy the bread of rebels. In 791 Qwernú, Frodod's paternal grandmother died and in 792 his maternal grandmother died as well. In 794 Frodor returned, he had fled from the Migian army. With him he brought the strong warrior Bink. Bink had a struggle with Opor and succeeded him as Chief of the Frisians. In 797 Froda married Bink and in 798 their daughter Binda was born.